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Zara Launched It’s New AR App And It’s Going To Change The Way You Shop

Zara launched its new augmented reality shopping app this week. The app is able to superimpose augmented reality onto three different sites: store windows, centrally-located podiums, and delivery boxes. The app allows you to view the items you like on models without you having to head to the changing rooms.

You can shop the piece directly from your phone, and have it delivered to you or you can just grab it from your the nearest store.

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Download from Apple App Store

Download from Google Play Store

All you need to do is download the app, point the camera within the app toward the Zara shop window, in-store podium or e-commerce box. Look for the augmented reality icon.
You can then buy the look worn by the AR models by simply clicking on “shop the look” button.

You can take photos or videos within this app and share it on social media.

According to their press release, “the app features a tool for sharing the experience on social media, encouraging users to take and submit photos of the holograms, establishing a virtual connection that appears remarkably real.”


Source: Zara AR