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The Number One Reason Why Married Couples Argue On Vacation

It starts with a four-letter word. According to the June 2017 survey, which includes nearly 1,600 responses, 88 percent of professionals say they have cut short or canceled a vacation due to wait for it… W-O-R-K  pressures. Surprise, surprise!

Fifty percent of married couples told surveyors at Korn Ferry that they have “had a disagreement with spouse about being too connected to work” while on vacation.

“Technology has made it easy for professionals and executives to sneak in a quick check-in with the office,” said Mark Royal, Senior Principal, Korn Ferry Hay Group. “How many of us have seen parents standing in an amusement park line reading their email instead of connecting with their kids and spouse? Taking time to make the break from work and enjoy experiences with friends and family makes for professionals who are healthier, happier and more engaged upon their return.”

One of the questions in the survey asked While on vacation, how often do you connect to work? A staggering 34% answered Multiple times a day and 41% answered at least once a day! Only 3% answered never.

Try to connect with your partner when you have the time and are away from the daily hustle and bustle. Both members of the couple need to switch off and use the time to interact and connect with each other and not with their screens.


Source: Korn Ferry