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What Is Millennial Pink And Why It Is Here To Stay

What kind of pink did you say it is?

There are various shades of pink..there is the blush pink, the salmon pink, the rose gold, the peachy pink. But there is a new kind of pink that everyone is obsessing over and that is the Millennial Pink. It’s pink with the blue taken out (if that makes any sense).

Exhibit A

7507cb6f00496060b9ab28d2c3ca48c8ddc286b7.jpegImage: Amazon


Let’s have a look at its origins

Pale Dogwood or Rose Quartz, the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year set the ball in motion. Since then the color has mutated and taken various shades to please the millennial eye. It’s everywhere we look- from Glossier products, book covers, Fenty Beauty Line…this color is here to stay.

Picture2-e1490805333715.pngImage: Pantone


What’s next

Research shows that color affects how your brand is perceived. Shades of pink are seen as cheerful, confident, youthful, and exciting. These emotional reactions may be one reason millennials are reaching for more and pinker products.

Millennials have found pink to be more gender neutral. Today, both men and women enjoy wearing pink and consider it hip. This color is going to take over the internet and your lives sooner than you think. Have a look at #MillennialPink hashtag and you will see a slew of clothing, upholstery, books, gadgets and even Tupperware. Take a look for yourself you won’t be able to wash the pink away.