Sound the Alarm: We’ve been Using these Emojis Wrong!

Some of us are infamous for our overuse of emojis. But everyone has a go to emoji that they extensively use in chats, Facebook and Instagram posts and sometimes even in emails. However, it’s been found that most of us are getting some of the emojis all wrong. That’s why the wonderful people at Unicode, the group that has the awesome job of choosing emoji and setting their standards, recently suggested a few changes.

“Sleepy Face”

For example, take the “sleepy face,”. Note: the colored emojis are from Apple, Android and the suggested change – in that exact order.


That is not you down with a snotty nose or you after watching Me Before You. Unicode proposed changing the chart glyph to remove the nasal bubble, which is too specific to Japanese usage. The nasal bubble is derived from popular anime/manga icon that denotes sleep.


“Face With Look Of Triumph”


We’ve been using this to show our angry face until now. Unicode has suggested removing the “steam from nose”, to appear like it is winning, not angry / fed up. Don’t know if we feel the winning side right now!


“Frowning Face With Open Mouth”


Then again, we’ve been using this to tell our boss how confused we are about what he just said! This is supposed to be a frowny face! Unicode’s notes state that the emoji should appear less shocked and more frowning. We agree Unicode, we agree!


“Information Desk Person”

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 17.05.41.png

Uniocde has not suggested a change here but would like to bring to light that we’ve been doing it wrong yet again! Yup, it’s not you showing IDGAF!


“Face With No Good Gesture”

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 17.10.42.png

Whatever that means!! Unicode suggested to change the chart glyph to show more of the face, and that it is not angry. Also misinterpreted frequently. Exactomundo!


“Weary Cat Face”


Unicode’s annotation clarifies that Weary Cat Face “indicates tired, not horrified.”

Ok, so this is us right now 😕! Not sure what to believe anymore. This guy right here 😕 is probably saying “I ain’t puzzled. I’m just disgusted with you imbeciles!”


Images: Wired, Unicode / Source: Wired, Unicode