Why ‘misfits’ should pick up a copy of: Weird in a World That’s Not

Jennifer Romolini started her career as an awkward twenty-seven-year-old misfit, navigated her way through New York media. She is also the former editor-in-chief and VP Content at HelloGiggles, as well as the former editor-in-chief of Yahoo Shine and deputy editor of Lucky magazine. She achieved all of this and more in less than a decade.

In her first book, Weird In A World That’s Not: A Career Guide for Misfits, F*ckups, and Failures she covers her journey as a college dropout, when she was down and out and as she tried to make her way back in the world and break into an industry in which she knew nobody.


This book offers practical advice on quirky and neurotic things which are certainly relatable such as – networking and small talk for non-believers, how to stay true to yourself and own your ambition, the truth about mentorship and how to stop overthinking!

“The number one thing I see negatively impacting talented women is that they get in their own way. They distract themselves with drama or psych themselves out or over examine situations to a debilitating degree.”

Shondaland has named Jennifer Romolini Chief Content Officer for shondaland.com, where she will be in charge of leading the company’s digital expansion and overseeing the content strategy for the site.


Source: Deadline/Amazon, Images: Amazon