11 reasons to e-read (or NOT)

The world of readers is divided into – the ones that love e-readers and the ones that despise it. However, there are quite a few that sit right on the fence. I for one, enjoy reading a paperback. But now and then I realize it is far easier to carry an e-reader around so that I always have a book in hand. So, while I am waiting at the doctor’s, or waiting at the drive thru for my frappuccino or just to pretend all calm and collected while I wait for my wax therapist (first world problems!)

Ok, so let’s give both sides a chance:

1. A library right under your arm


If you are like me and keep switch reading – switching between one book to another depending on your mood, time of the day, mode of transport and moon-sighting. The e-reader is going to be your new best friend. You can download an unlimited number of books (almost) and even share your library with your family and friends. It is just a wonderful friend, right here by your side.

2. Highlight and share your loved quotes and create your own unique tumblr


Yes, you read that right – you can create your own little tumblr quotes world. All you have to do is highlight that quote as you read and hit share. And Boom! Show that quote off!

3. More room in your travel bag, travel light


You won’t have to carry those space-consuming books when you’re planning to travel light. You know, just in case the flight is overbooked. Hmmm.

4. You also don’t need to carry that unwanted business card around


We’ve all been carrying around business cards, boarding passes, trial perfume strips and maybe even chewing gum wrapper. Just so that we don’t lose our place at that crucial page in the book. The e-reader’s got your back boo, it’ll open up the exact page you last read. Yay to no more crinkly and smooshed papers!

5. Now you know exactly what that word means!


There, now I finally know what ubiquitous means. Thank you, Ms. E-reader and my index finger. You’ve saved me the annoyance of typing the word on Merriam-Webster to find out what it means. However, I will sometimes still Google it just to make sure that I am pronouncing it correctly.

6. and how about I pull that Fifty Shades of Grey book out too


Probably the most downloads any e-book has ever got – you don’t have to hide those romantic books (if we can call them that) anymore. Take them for a stroll in the park, on the subway or at the doctor’s office. No one seated in front of you or by our side will ever know what kind of fiction you’re reading.

7. Look ma, no hands


This multitasking apparatus keeps your hands free to drink coffee, grab a glass of wine, paint your nails while eating Cheetos. And you can conveniently wipe away that Cheetos cheese dust too!

8. It’s better for Mother Nature

The world has gone digital and in some way, it is great for the planet because our paper consumption has decreased. Do you remember the last time you even paid a visit to your printer?

9. Fresh off the press


Nothing beats the feel of flipping through the crisp pages of a new book. The whole process of picking a book, to reading the prologue is joyous and special.


10. Enough of staring at screens


Phones, laptops, monitors, dashboards.. by the end of the day we exhaust ourselves staring at screens. By the end of the day, it feels good to cuddle up on the couch with a good hardcover or paperback.

11. Parade that every growing library


You’ve left traces of books around your apartment which finally leads to your crowning glory of all home libraries. Your guests ooh and aah over your expanding collection and while you stand there looking all smug.

12. Hand-me-downs


You’re known for your books making the rounds. It leaves your house and then to your dad’s place, to your sister’s place and then to a friends place and it find’s its way back one eventful book swapping night at your place. A full circle!

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