Instagram take over. There is a new screenshot sheriff in town!

We all know about the waging war between Facebook and Snapchat but with Snapchat a bit behind Instagram in users there is a new screenshot police in the world of social media.

In April Instagram released an update which allows the user to combine disappearing photos and videos with text conversations into a single thread of direct message. To discourage people from destroying the sanctity of this feature, Instagram now sends a notification when users screenshot private disappearing photos, videos or texts. Thankfully, this does not apply to Instagram stories or Instagram feed.

Here is how an alleged screenshot will appear on your Instagram.



The good news is that you are most likely going to direct message your friends or family and they would think twice before taking a screenshot of something you sent privately. The world of social media is shrinking and evolving faster than we think. However, we are still waiting on a teleportation breakthrough. Mark, can you hear us?