The perfect playlist to listen to while reading. (drown out that noise)

Ok, I’ve read this paragraph six times already and I still can’t register what the author is trying to say. Well, we’ve all been in similar situations where we find ourselves in coffee shops or at boarding gates and can’t get through a single line because we are passively eavesdropping.  The lady in seat 23J is going to a friends sons island wedding and is dismal cause she is not ‘beach body ready’ – whatever that means.  The couple seated right behind me are arguing under their breaths about whose family should be hosting this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s time to crank up the music and drown out that noise. But wait – not any kind of music. This can’t be a heavy lyrics laden song, a rap song or even a Meghan Trainor song where you just got to drop that beat and singalong. Choosing the perfect track is like pairing the perfect wine with the right food. Here are my top 10.

So put on your headphones and take these babies for a test drive:


1. Mozart, Piano Sonata No. 10


This is one of Mozart’s most popular piano sonatas and has been featured in many films.



2. Max Richter, Only Questions



Takes you to that special place right away.



3. Miles Davis, So What



It doesn’t get better than instrumental jazz.



4. Hans Zimmer, Interstellar Main Theme



Pick any Hans Zimmer work and you’ve got yourself the perfect chill and read track.



5. Pride and Prejudice, Soundtrack


It is a match made in heaven.



6. Mattia Cupelli, Love & Loss


Melodious and soulful.



7. Ray Charles, Ain’t Misbehavin’


A classic number that drowns out the background noise in a second.



8. Theory of Everything, Soundtrack


Perfect in every way.



9. Beethoven, Moonlight Sonata


One of my favourites. Disclaimer: it could evoke some strong feelings.



10. Trembling Hands, Explosions in the Sky


This piece will definitely drown out the cabin noise.


Let us know what’s on your playlist.