Starbucks Japan is Rolling Out The Right Drink This Summer!

Ah! Watermelon is the true summer superfruit! The super juicy and sweet flesh screams eat me and is packed with healthy nutrients. It also doubles up as a cocktail keg. We find all our Instagram stories filled with watermelon slice stickers bringing the right summer vibe.

This refreshing fruit is also Starbucks Japan’s newest drink. According to RocketNews 24Shaken Watermelon and Passion Tea, comes in a gorgeous and vibrant shade of red, thanks to the star ingredient of watermelon juice, which is said to make the drink taste as if you’re biting into a fresh slice of the juicy red fruit.


The sweetness of the watermelon is broken down with the slightly tart flavor of the “Passion Tea“, which is a blend of hibiscus flowers, papaya, mango and lemon grass. The drink is topped with a slice of freeze-dried lime, to pull the drink together and for a refreshing aftertaste.

Unfortunately, the drink is only available in Japan, and according to a Starbucks Japan press release, the drink hits stores Wednesday, June 28 and will be sold until August 31.

This won’t stop us from stalking Instagram accounts featuring this mouth-watering summer ready drink. And if you find yourself in Japan this summer tag us and let us know about this gorgeous drink.


Source/Images: Starbucks Japan