5 Easy Steps: Spring Cleaning Your Bookshelf

Spring is here and it’s time to stow away those winter clothes and bring out the summer fun. Speaking of fun, it’s also time to do some spring cleaning and what better way to start the cleaning season with that great mighty bookshelf! Everyone dreads emptying out their bookshelves and giving them a do-over. It’s time-consuming, takes a lot of space and you don’t know what is really lurking behind those books. Fear not, we’ve come up with 5 quick steps to clean up those fortresses.

1. Set the mood, then get busy!


Get down with the right music and get that dopamine flowing. Or if you are feeling really focused and want to multitask get that audiobook out which has been on pause for the last few weeks.

2. Channel your inner Games of Thrones and set those fortresses


Remove the books from the shelves in sections and sort them out into four piles:

Pile No. 1: Books for donation

Pile No 2: Hand me downs (to friends, families, book clubs)

Pile No 3: Books you didn’t even know you had

Pile No 4: Books that get shelved again

3. Wipe those dusty shelves down


Once you’ve got all those books out its time to get nifty. Do an initial sweep of the shelf with a microfiber cloth so it picks up all the tiny dust particles. And then with some Windex or wood polish give those shelves a nice sparkle.

Something Extra: For a non-toxic DIY Homemade Dust Spray DIY Homemade Dusty Spray  via Root & Revel

4. Now dust those books down


It’s time to dust out those books that need to be reshelved. Something Extra: Add a whole clove on your shelves if you are struggling with those pesky silverfish.

5. We all have that one dedicated shelf for Harry Potter


It’s time for the fun part – arrange the shelves so that they are both functional and pleasing to the eye.  The natural next step is to get our hands on our coveted Harry Potter hardcover editions and place them right at the top. Ah! The crowning Glory!

Images: Giphy