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Deadpool: Only Ryan Reynolds Could Praise Wonder Woman In This Fashion!

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In true Deadpool fashion, Ryan Reynolds took to social media to praise Wonder Woman for its record-breaking box office gross. Last year, Deadpool became the second highest-grossing R-rated film ever in the U.S., with a domestic haul of $363 million. Wonder Woman, beat this figure last weekend, with an overall domestic tally to $368 million.

“The merc may be filthier, but her B.O. is stronger,” with a picture of Deadpool’s glove-clad hands making a heart around a Wonder Woman pendant. The Merc refers to a mercenary played by Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. His reference “B.O.” is not Body Odour but an appreciation to Wonder Woman’s strong Box Office sales.

The Merc May Be Filthier, but Her B.O. is Stronger. Congrats #WonderWoman #BoxOfficeBoss

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Meanwhile, Deadpool 2 arrives n June 1, 2018.

Source: Yahoo Movies