KORA Organics Nooback

This Rose Quartz Highlighter Is Infused With Healing Crystals And Is So Pretty

Australian born Miranda Kerr launched her organic skincare line back in 2009. Miranda Kerr spent 18 months studying nutrition and health psychology. According to the company, the name KORA Organics is derived from Miranda’s own belief in the connection of the mind, body, and spirit to the ‘core’ self.

Kerr’s latest line includes a gorgeous millennial pink luminizer. This organic highlighter is infused with rose quartz that provides hydration, a luminous glow, and good vibes!

“I apply this luminizer on my cheeks, temples and brow bones as part of my beauty routine or on the go whenever I need an extra glow.” – Miranda

The luminizer retails for AED 98.34 and you can order one from Net-a-Porter or from the KORA Organics website.

This gorgeous highlighter will not only give you a brilliant glow, attract positive vibes and love but is also so pretty to look at. Talk about a triple threat!


Source: KORA Organics