prosecco pong

Prosecco Pong Is A Must Have Game For The Summer

Ok, let’s be honest this isn’t the most groundbreaking or revolutionary game. Beer pong has probably been played by our parents, by our grandparents and maybe even by Tyrion Lannister (wouldn’t surprise us!)

But, what surprises us the most is why hasn’t anyone ever thought of Prosecco Pong earlier?! It’s always been the summer drink of choice. Those beautiful breakfast mimosas and the beachy bellinis etc. Well, some genius did – Talking Tables have created a ‘Prosecco Pong’ kit which consists of 12 plastic, wide prosecco glasses aka coupes (smart!) as well as pink ping pong balls.

A sure shot party-starter the game comes in a retro box and will make a perfect gift for a  bachelorette party, bridal shower, or a girls night in. Or just go ahead and play it because it’s the weekend and Prosecco is delicious.

The rules are pretty simple and follow beer pong guidelines. You have to get the ball in the opposing team’s glasses, which they then have to drink until one team has no glasses left. Bouncies or no-bouncies is what you need to decide.

The kit costs £14.99 and all you go to do is buy a bottle or two of Prosecco and get your buddies together!


Image: Talking Tables, Source: Talking Tables