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‘Oh Hi!’ Pepsi Co. Launches ‘bubly’ Sparkling Water

PepsiCo’s new sparkling water line is here to give La Croix a run for its money. The company has launched a new line of flavored sparkling waters called Bubly.

Bubly, comes in eight flavors — lime, grapefruit, strawberry, lemon, orange, apple, mango, and cherry — contains zero artificial sweeteners, flavors or calories, the company states. Its colorful cans have pull tabs reading “oh hi.” There are personal messages on each can, like, “hold cans with me” and “I feel like I can be open around u.” Now, that sure is cute!


“We created Bubly to provide consumers with a great-tasting, flavorful, unsweetened sparkling water in a fun, playful, and relevant manner,” Todd Kaplan, a vice president at PepsiCo said in a statement.

You will be able to purchase bubly in 20-ounce single-serve bottles, or eight- and 12-packs of 12-ounce servings, starting Feb. 26, when the beverage is expected to hit stores.

Of course, it makes sense for Pepsi Co. to release a healthier sparkling drink as sweetened soda has seen a huge decrease in popularity. La Croix has surged in popularity in recent years, especially with the millennials. National Beverage, the company behind the flavored seltzer, said last year that sales grew to $827 million from $646 million in 2015.


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