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Nicole Kidman And Alexander Skarsgard Kissed At The 2017 Emmy Awards And The World Can’t Handle It

We are all lovers of the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies and know a lot about the abusive relationship between Celeste (Nicole Kidman) and Perry (Alexander Skarsgard). Big Little Lies won their fair share of awards at the 2017 Emmy Awards but also made news when the TV wife and husband shared a kiss on Live TV.

It happened as Skarsgard was walking to accept his award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series when he saw Kidman standing to congratulate him. What we thought would be a kiss on the cheek turned on to be a smack on the lips. And umm… Keith Urban stood right behind Kidman.

And obviously the world couldn’t handle it:

If you’re wondering if everything is okay between Kidman and Urban. Yes, it is. Kidman gushed over Urban during her acceptance speech for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series award.


Image: Associated Press