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Neil Patrick Harris Releases 1000 GIFs For Pepsi’s Sparkling Water

PepsiCo’s new sparkling water line is here to give La Croix a run for its money. The company has launched a new line of flavored sparkling waters called Bubly.

And the bubbly NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) features in the campaign with a large series of funny GIFs. PEOPLE reports

“I was intrigued by the notion that this whole campaign was GIF-specific because I think it speaks to how contemporary our commercial cycle is and how contemporary the product is. We’re doing hundreds of different GIFs, all of various expressions, bits and ideas.”

The campaign includes 1,000 new GIFs and they will all be available on starting February 25. “Thankfully, they don’t all involve me just holding a can and smiling,” NPH added.

Bubly, comes in eight flavors — lime, grapefruit, strawberry, lemon, orange, apple, mango, and cherry — contains zero artificial sweeteners, flavors or calories, the company states. Its colorful cans have pull tabs reading “oh hi.” There are personal messages on each can, like, “hold cans with me” and “I feel like I can be open around u.” Now, that sure is cute!

Source: bubly