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NASA & AI Powered Astrology App Provides Real-Time Horoscopes

We all try to pretend that we don’t believe in horoscopes but when the weekly reading pops up… we read it. The future of horoscopes and astrology is here – Co-Star for iOS takes more than just your sun sign into account.
Its powerful natural-language engine uses NASA data, coupled with the methods of professional astrologers, to algorithmically generate insights about your personality and your future and all through an app.


Download For iOS

It comes with a full, custom experience of visiting a professional astrologer—but on your phone and without the price tag. SOLD!


You can also keep track of your friends, see what’s up with them astrologically and checkup on your love life.

Astrology puts our temporary bodies in context with our universe’s vastness, allowing irrationality to invade our techno-rationalist ways of living.

Go on and take this app for a test drive and see what the universe is trying to tell you!


Source: Co-Star