Mom Documents IVF Treatment From Start to Finish With Photos

Tiffany Rex and and Mark Wojtowicz shared their IVF story through pictures and the entire treatment looks extremely exhausting. The great news is that they are expecting their first baby, Avery, in October. Rex wanted to document every step of her experience on social media.

“I wanted to share more detail on the long road we faced to help give hope and strength to others. I added detailed captions on the photos for those interested in the process. I am so grateful to be where we are today and pray every day for those still on their journey. It is not easy, but it is doable. Feel free to ever reach out with questions. Baby Avery, we loved you so much before you were even created. We cannot wait to hold you in our arms in 8 short weeks 

This is how the story goes in Rex’s voice.

“Mark baked me a cake the day before we started injections. It was all pink!!! “



“Ahhh, the hormones…..”



“…and this was only the ones that weren’t in the fridge. Wrapping our heads around how to work them all and when to inject was so overwhelming.”



“That’s what 50 shots in your tummy over 14 days looks like!”


“Yay! Egg retrieval day is here! At this point, the ultrasound was only showing us 9 eggs (not great), but we ended up having 13!!! Unlike me, my eggs were camera shy 


“Very excited to hear we actually had 17 follicles (which ended up being 13 eggs)!”


“Post retrieval smiles. We just heard that 11 of the eggs successfully fertilized! Only 3 of them would ultimately make it to be options for transfer. “


“I had a million of these direction sheets for meds throughout IVF, and threw most of them away. So glad to not look at rainbows anymore!”


“Second round of shots. These are the dreaded progesterone. I ended up needing one a day for 14 weeks. About 70, 4 inch needles. Ouch! “


“That is the needle!”


“Celebratory dinner when we got approved for the embryo transfer! “


“There she is! Mark’s favorite picture of her 


“The embryo incubator. Mark got to see Avery with his own eyes for the first time in there! “


“6 days later. I needed to be really sure!!!!”


“My graduation blanket! I saw so many girls leave with these in my year of treatments, and always choked back tears of frustration and jealousy. I almost fainted when I finally got mine!”


“It’s a girl!!!!”


“The pregnancy announcement. I dreamed of this for so long, it was still unreal posting.”


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