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#MeToo Hashtag Is Blowing Up And Millions Of Women Are Sharing Their Stories

Harvey Weinstein has been in the news for over a week now and for the most despicable reasons. This Sunday, Hollywood actor Alyssa Milano took to Twitter to ask women to open up and share their own personal experiences of sexual harassment/assault.

Women responded immediately and the hashtag #MeToo has taken over the internet. Crimson Hexagon

Milano’s tweet has amassed over 57,000 comments and is being used world-over and has also provided a voice for women after last week’s #WomenBoycottTwitter movement in response to actor Rose McGowan’s suspension from the site.

According to Facebook, “4.7 million people around the world have engaged in the ‘Me Too’ conversation on Facebook in solidarity with victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment.”

Here is how women are standing together and sharing their stories with the world:

 Image: Carlo Allegri, Reuters / Source: nbc washington