Melissa Rauch Teamed Up With Glamour And Created This Powerful Pregnancy Loss PSA

Melissa Rauch and other courageous women are working together to shed light on pregnancy loss and to build an open and connected community that is ready to offer love and support.

Glamour debuted the PSA this week. Melissa Rauch announced her pregnancy and opened up about her miscarriage earlier this year. She is now joined by fellow celebrities like Kiele Sanchez (whose real-life miscarriage was written into a season of Kingdom), Vanna White, June Diane Raphael, Nancy Kerrigan, and many more that believe prenatal loss should be talked about.


Here is a snippet from her essay in honor of Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month:

I was so moved by how many people reached out to share stories of their loss and heartbreak. It was from this beautiful outpouring of openness, candor, and courage offered by all of these kindred spirits that I began to heal a part of me that I didn’t know was still in need of repair. The part that still blamed myself. The part that was still holding on to shame. The part that still felt like I was alone. All of these relics of despair began to diminish with each person who opened up about their feelings and accounts of their struggles. This was a true zone of comfort.

You can read the entire essay on Glamour.


Image/Source: Glamour