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Lush Miracle Lotion ‘Sleepy’ Is Back For Good

We swear by this product. This gorgeous purple lotion is just what you need if you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep.

The first time we got our hands on it was late last year when it was launched as a limited-edition holiday exclusive. It’s soothing smell and moisturizing effect left us with the most satisfying night’s sleep. The pastel purple cream disappeared like hot cakes and we just couldn’t get enough of it. The glycerin, cocoa-butter, and almond oil work together to moisturize skin and lock in hydration to keep skin soft, supple and comfortable all day or all night long. Say hello to your new nightly ritual!

One RedditReddit user wrote,  “As someone with incurable and not so common chronic illnesses which result in chronic pain and insomnia because of the pain, Sleepy lotion is the one product that can actually help me through the worst of my nights.”

Lush has officially made Sleepy part of its permanent collection. The beloved lotion will be available in stores and online year-round so its die-hard fans can have sweet-dreams all night every night! It’s time to catch up on those much wanted Zzzzs.

$9.95, LUSH


Image: Lush / Source: Delish