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Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar’s Los Angeles Home Is Breathtakingly Beautiful

Kunal Nayyar, famously known as Raj Koothrappali fromThe Big Bang Theory and his wife Neha Kapur Nayyar moved into their home in late 2011. The initial property was absolutely overwhelming with over 5,000-square-foot hacienda surrounded by jungle. Neha Kapur is a former Miss India and the designer behind a luxury fashion line called Hensely . So needless to say, she has the style and design part sorted.

I mean just look at this living room:


The couple interviewed many designers till they finally met Lory and Mats Johansson of Just Joh, who have designed Richard Branson’s Necker Island! “We met Lory and Mats and they were the nicest, humblest human beings, and nonpushy—they asked us all the right questions, got to know us, and became dear friends,” Neha tells Arch Digest.


This is the other end of the living room where modern lines meet Belle Époque.


There is a man cave out by the pool too. Whatttt.

Kunals adds: “We have such different opinions about how we want things to look. I learned to get out of the way quite early on.” Touché mate.




“A lot of the things in the house are talking points—they all have stories,” – Neha


“If we’re fortunate enough, until the day we die, we’re never going to sell this house. It’s going to be in our family for generations.” – Kunal



Images / Source: Arch Digest