Karlie Kloss From Hating Running To Finishing The NYC Marathon

Karlie Kloss ran the New York City Marathon in 4:41:49. “I did it! It’s single-handedly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s all in here [the mind]” she said in her Instagram story.

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In an interview with Runners World Karlie Kloss stated-

“Growing up I was really athletic and played every sport in the book, but I hated running. Each year in school, you were timed for a mile run. It was the worst day of the year.”

“The first time I really went for a run longer than four miles was only three years ago when I trained for a half marathon in Paris. Running a marathon is something I never dreamed I would do. As the day gets closer, I’m a bit nervous, but I like to do things that scare me.”

You did it, Karlie Kloss!!


Image:Gotham,GC Images / Source: Runner’s World