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Jim Carrey Is Now A Painter And His 6-min Documentary Is Going Viral

‘Jim Carrey: I Needed Color’- The six-minute video was uploaded to Vimeo two weeks ago but has recently gone viral and closing in over 2 million views.

The documentary finds Carrey hard at work in his art studio, and it features some creative techniques and colorful paintings made by the actor. Carrey picked up art six years ago during a dark period in his life.

“I think what makes someone an artist is they make models of their inner life. They make something come into physical being that is inspired by their emotions or their needs or what they feel the audience needs.”

“When you’re falling in love, you’re floating, weightless, but when you lose that love, you have to reenter the atmosphere and it can get pretty rough, because you’re just bouncing off one molecule and onto the next, rippin’ through them at such a pace that they just ignite and explode, until you find another heart that’s doing the same thing, has landed and cooled, and then you start to float again.”

You can watch “Jim Carrey: I Needed Color” here and let us know what you think of his work:

Image: Vimeo/Source: IndieWire