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Jessica Biel’s Collaboration With Gaiam Is The Perfect Yoga Balance

According to a press release, Jessica Biel is partnering with Gaiam on its first-ever collaboration: a capsule collection co-designed by Biel. The new collection by our adored yoga brand will hit stores in fall 2018. Gaiam is known for its dedication to making yoga, fitness, and wellness accessible to all.

Jessia Biel announced her collaboration this week by stating ‘I’ve been in love with yoga for years but my love affair with @gaiam is just beginning… We’ve teamed up and I can’t wait to share our first signature collection with you.’

The new collaboration takes yoga pants to the next level of elegance and Gaiam took it a step further – ‘you can think about wearing it out to dinner or to pick up your kids at school!’ You heard us Gaiam. You heard us!

“Health and wellness are important to me, which is why I’m thrilled and honored to be GAIAM’s first ever brand partner. Beyond using and wearing GAIAM products, I know them to be a trusted name in this space. More importantly, they put an emphasis on accessibility for all people. I believe that fitness and wellness choices are individual, which is why my vision for this collaboration is to demystify the yoga experience and create something for all fitness levels.” – Biel

The Jessica Biel Signature Collection by GAIAM will feature an assortment of activewear and yoga accessories including capris, leggings, tops and jackets.


Image/Source: Globe-News Wire