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iOS 11 Has Arrived And These Hidden Features Are Pretty Darn Neat

It is finally here!! The iOS 11 is quite a major update. It’s HUUGGE! We’ve been playing around with our iPhones all morning and here are a few hidden features that are sure to impress your friends!

1. Store Your Favorite GIFs On Your Phone


If you love your GIFs you can now save your top picks on your phone and share it later. All our message will be in the form of GIFs now.

From this time forward all our messages will be in the form of GIFs.

2. Move Over Google Maps

IMG_CB7C16D5E88E-1Shopping just got a lot easier. Slowly the nice people at Apple are rolling out maps of malls, airports etc. You can search for stores, restaurants, gates and navigate through different floors.

Apple Maps is finally catching up Google!

3. Control Your Control Center


Apple has completely revamped the control center. It looks pretty slick and you can add all the icons you want on one single page. Yes no more swiping to different pages to find that night light!

4. Emergency Feature


This feature is pretty slick. If you find yourself in an emergency situation all you need to do is press the sleep/wake button 5 times. On your iPhone X, you need to long press the sleep/wake button and the volume button.

All your emergency contacts/details will appear on your home screen.

5. Record Your Screen


You can add the screen record function to your control center. After a 3 second countdown, the phone will record your screen and save the video in your phone library.

This is crazy good for app developers!

6. Screenshots Just Got More Efficient


Screenshoting has got an upgrade. The screenshot preview appears on the bottom left corner of your phone and you can edit it right away and share.

At the end, your phone asks you if you want to save the file or delete it. Game-changer!

7. Do Not Disturb While Driving


Everyone in Dubai needs this feature. When your phone connects to your car via Bluetooth the iOS can automatically turn on the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature.

8. Automatically Detects QR Codes

IMG_08F42D430399-1 2.jpegYou don’t need to download a QR Code Scan app now. The new iOS camera can automatically detect that the image is a QR Code.