Instagram Butlers Nooback

“Instagram Butlers” Are Now A Thing, They Will Take Your Vacation Pics To The Next Level

Talk about a personal and tech-savvy hotel. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort is here to up your Instagram game! The hotel announced on Monday not only the introduction of their “Instagram trails,” but also of their “Instagram butlers.” The trails are excursions packed with places to snap images, including the island’s different atolls and top restaurants.

The Insta-butlers are “social media savvy” staff members who are meant to do more than help you achieve Instagram perfection. They’re also teachers. They will help you learn how to take better photos whilst around paradise so you learn a thing or two too.

As The Telegraph noted, the butler will teach guests all about the “golden hour” for taking photos, which is the time just before sunrise and just after sunset, along with different poses that work well on social media.

I guess it’s time travelers started adding Insta trails on their to-do list!


Source: Travel + Leisure