12 Instagram accounts every book lover should be following!

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Raise your hand if you’ve spent hours aimlessly browsing through celebrity gossip, fashion and food Instagram accounts. Then by the end of the night, its too late and you find yourself slowly sliding down the rabbit hole.

Instagram is a great channel for book lovers. The bookish accounts keep it exciting by pairing books with their daily Starbucks drink, their pets, their travels and their perfectly manicured hands.

All book related Instagram accounts have visually appealing feeds but some of them are just downright hilarious and creative.

Here are a few you should be following:

1. Meredith @thebookferret

This is one of the cutest Instagram accounts. Cute little buddy ferrets and some great reads. What more could we ask for?

2. Dale @theliteraryllama

The chalkboard background with personalized art always gets us.

3. Stefie @stefiereads

And then serenity takes over. Makes us want to curl up in bed, grab a hot cocoa and read.

4. @subwaybookreview

Find out what regular commuters are reading and why.

5. Faroukh @theguywiththebook

We love the colors. We love the books. We love the recommendations. Keep them coming!

6. Verity @penguininthepost

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Ah, the vintage classics with the perfect pastels.

7. @thelittlebookshelf

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Stylish, chic and comes with a side of our perfect beverage.

8. Resh Susan @thebookstachel

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This picture makes us want to pop in and sit down with Resh and talk books over a cup coffee. @ thebooksatchel keep doing you!

9.  @dogbookclub

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💖 ….. this is our heart melting. Two of our favorite things – dogs and books!!

10. Danny @thebookorder

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All things blue and beautiful.

11. Minna @minnnaria

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Your daily dose of literary quotes.

12. The Paris Review @parisrview

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The Paris Review is your go-to guide for writing, art and in-depth interviews with famous writers. It is a quarterly literary magazine founded in 1953.


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