12 Instagram accounts every book lover should be following!

Raise your hand if you’ve spent hours aimlessly browsing through celebrity gossip, fashion and food Instagram accounts. Then by the end of the night, its too late and you find yourself slowly sliding down the rabbit hole.

Instagram is a great channel for book lovers. The bookish accounts keep it exciting by pairing books with their daily Starbucks drink, their pets, their travels and their perfectly manicured hands.

All book related Instagram accounts have visually appealing feeds but some of them are just downright hilarious and creative.

Here are a few you should be following:

1. Meredith @thebookferret

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“Our fearlessness shall be our secret weapon.” ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars . • • I am terrible at video games, but I know a ton of girls who really enjoy them! I'm curious to know why there aren't more casual girl gamers mentioned in YA novels. Like, the kind of girls who don't spend all their time playing games, but get stoked for the new Zelda game or Assassins Creed. I know those girls exist and I wish they were shown more in my contemporary reads. Maybe I can make that happen! #GamerGirlPower . • • • #thebookferret #books #socksunday #bookstagram #booknookstagram #bookworm #booknerd #bookpets #superstar #mario #supermariomaker #wii #thefaultinourstars #johngreen #ferret #ferretsofinstgram #instaferret #bookphotography#instabooks #petsofinstagram #digglebear

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This is one of the cutest Instagram accounts. Cute little buddy ferrets and some great reads. What more could we ask for?

2. Dale @theliteraryllama

The chalkboard background with personalized art always gets us.

3. Stefie @stefiereads

And then serenity takes over. Makes us want to curl up in bed, grab a hot cocoa and read.

4. @subwaybookreview

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Amani: "I first encountered this book in college. I remember being stunned that this piece of work was studied in our classroom and that it was written by an Iranian woman. It reveals the true power of telling stories and how we can connect through them. When I was writing my book, Muslim Girl, I read about a study of 800 books. Only 3 were written by Middle Eastern women. For me, that contextualized the struggle of being a woman of color writer and how important it is to have our voices represented. It's so easy to attach a label when you hear 'Muslim'. I hope when girls see my book, they might feel the same way I did in that classroom." @amani reading Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. #subwaybookreview #newyork 🗽

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Find out what regular commuters are reading and why.

5. Faroukh @theguywiththebook

We love the colors. We love the books. We love the recommendations. Keep them coming!

6. Verity @penguininthepost

Ah, the vintage classics with the perfect pastels.

7. @thelittlebookshelf

Stylish, chic and comes with a side of our perfect beverage.

8. Resh Susan @thebookstachel

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I was overwhelmed by the response for The God of Small Things readalong. There are so many of us! I counted thirty three. So it will be a public read along. Here is the schedule for discussion. Read these chapters during the week and questions will be posted on my Insta account on the following days: May 7th – Ch 1-5 May 14th – Ch 6-11 May 21st – Ch 12-17 May 28th – Ch 18 -21 – – PS: I hope I have mentioned all of you, either tagged or in the comments. If not please feel free to join. Just let me know in the comments. Also if you are opting out, do let me know below. – – Since it isn't possible to have a discussion group on Insta, everyone can post their thoughts on the book as they read. Doesn't matter if you like the book, love it or hate it; your opinion matters. Use this hashtag #TBSgodofsmallthingsreadalong so that we all can track each other's posts. – – I hope you have all got your copies of the book. Cannot wait!!😊😍

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This picture makes us want to pop in and sit down with Resh and talk books over a cup coffee. @ thebooksatchel keep doing you!

9.  @dogbookclub

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💖 ….. this is our heart melting. Two of our favorite things – dogs and books!!

10. Danny @thebookorder

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I'm so sorry for anyone who is still waiting for their copy of ACOWAR to arrive! ⛰ The final book in this trilogy ARC of ACOTAR by @therealsjmaas is officially out May 2nd,if you happened to see in my story the other day my preorder arrived super early! ⛰ I'm pretty sure ACOWAR is my favourite cover in the set! I'm glad Feyre finally managed to make her way to the centre of the book, third times the charm 😂little unfortunate that they used the thin pages for this book, but I get why it's done!! ⛰ Super bittersweet to be reading this, just cause I'm not quite ready for it to be over but I'm excited to see what happens and hope my body is ready for whatever heartbreak awaits me! ⛰ Which cover do you love out of the three?!

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All things blue and beautiful.

11. Minna @minnnaria

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Cause I certainly don't :/

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Your daily dose of literary quotes.

12. The Paris Review @parisrview

The Paris Review is your go-to guide for writing, art and in-depth interviews with famous writers. It is a quarterly literary magazine founded in 1953.


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