The Harry Potter Inspired Engagement Ring Box Had Its First Magical Proposal!

The beautiful piece designed by Freeman Design, based in New Zealand was part of its first magical proposal! The Golden Snitch ring box made out of Sterling Silver has an and coated with 18ct Yellow Gold and the wings are plated in an extra thick coating of Rhodium.

In a recent HuffPost article – Uriel Palma an infantryman in the U.S Army decided to propose to his girlfriend, Trechsel Hall a huge Harry Potter fan. Palma came across a post on Bored Panda about an engagement ring box in the form of a golden snitch. He reached out to Freeman and designed his own snitch inspired engagement ring box. And it came with a mini Nimbus 2000 charm key to unlock it!


Palma proposed to Hall with the snitch at the beginning of a trip to Japan.

“She couldn’t figure out how to open it,” he told HuffPost. When they arrived at the rooftop of a restaurant in Tokyo a week later, he presented her with the Nimbus charm that unlocks the snitch and proposed. She said yes.“Her smile will be engraved in my memories forever,” said Palma, who currently lives in Germany.

– Huffpost


Image: YouTube / Source:HuffPost