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‘Happiness’ By Heather Harpham Is An Emotional Rollercoaster But So Worth It

Happiness: The Crooked Little Road to Semi-Ever After is Heather Harpham’s first book and as the name suggests it’s about beginnings and endings and everything in between.

Happiness is about Heather, a globe-trotting California girl, and Brian, an intellectual writer. Their beautiful and magical romance comes to an end when Heather becomes pregnant―Brian loves her but he sure doesn’t want kids. A pregnant Heather moves home to California to be with family and friends and to deliver her daughter Gracie.

However, her new motherhood takes a turn as Gracie is diagnosed with a condition. Brian reappears and together they are willing to take the chance.


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The narrative is moving and connects with the reader at deeper levels. The book is romantic, beautiful, heartwarming and tear-jerking all at the same time.

Family is everything!

Heather Harpham is an American writer, teacher and theater performer. Born and raised in Northern California, she now lives in New York, with her husband, the novelist Brian Morton, and her two children.


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