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Fenty Beauty Just Announced Its Holiday Collection

Ok, let’s all take a deep breath or have a seat because this news is surely going to make your heart race!

Rihanna has outdone herself again not only has she crushed all major beauty launches but Fenty Beauty announced on their Instagram page that there will be a holiday collection. And it drops in less than a month from now.

This is not a drill! On October 13, you will be able to get your hands on what’s going to be the most enchanting and sought after holiday beauty offerings of the season. Here is the Fenty Beauty eyeshadow palette in all its glory:

That’s not all. You know Riri better than that. There is an entire range of lipsticks, glitter eyeliners, highlighters and those colors.  OMG!

September, as well as October, is going to be all about bad gal riri! October can’t come sooner!


Source: Fenty Beauty