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‘Fashion Forward’ Is Where You Need To Be If You Love Fashion And All Things Pretty

Fashion Forward is kicking off this seasons Dubai’s festivities. At its tenth season takes over the Dubai Design District and showcases almost everything in the realm of fashion. Its a four-day celebration of style featuring runway shows, presentations, exhibitions, talks, shopping, music, and film.

FFWD is open to the public and is taking place in d3 this weekend. Here is today’s (Day 2) schedule:

Fashion Forward Day 2 Schedule

And here is a glimpse of what you missed out on Day 1:

1. Fashion Future – The Graduate Show


2. The Runway Looks

Royaled by RH_Presentation_039-minRoyaled by RH_Presentation_037-minMadiyah_Al_Sharqi_Show_018-minMadiyah_Al_Sharqi_Show_063-minMadiyah_Al_Sharqi_Show_069-minMadiyah_Al_Sharqi_Show_092-minMadiyah_Al_Sharqi_Show_030-min

Hussein Bazaza_138-minHussein Bazaza_070-minHussein Bazaza_062-minHussein Bazaza_069-minEudon Choi_037-minEudon Choi_028-minEudon Choi_024-minHussein Bazaza_119-minMINI Fashion Beyond Native_050-minMINI Fashion Beyond Native_029-minMadiyah_Al_Sharqi_Show_050-minLara_Khoury_Show_093-minMadiyah_Al_Sharqi_Show_091-min

Madiyah Al Sharqi - Runway - FFWD October 2017

3. The Streetstyle



4. Backstage

Essa_Backstage_042-minRoyaled by RH_Backstage_016-minLara Khoury_Backstage_014-minHussein Bazaza_Backstage_002-minHussein Bazaza_Backstage_035-minMINI Fashion Beyond Native_Backstage_017-minMINI Fashion Beyond Native_Backstage_014-min


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Images: Getty Images