Ellen DeGeneres Quizzed Chrissy Teigen About John Legend & It Didn’t Go Well

Ellen DeGeneres got Chrissy Teigen to play a game on her daytime talk show called “You Don’t Know Jack About John” to see how much she really knew about her husband.

As you watch the video you can’t help but laugh at how Teigen struggles to answer the Legend trivia. Ok, in her defense the questions were not the easiest.

Like, “What was the name of the band John was a part of in the movie La La Land?” DeGeneres asked Teigen. “Oh, I know this one. The…The? It was corny,” Teigen answered.

“You’re halfway there with The…,” DeGeneres replied.

Tiegen shared with the audience that this is something that the couple normally fight about – Legend likes to keep his work life pretty separate from their relationship.

“This is a big fight we always have… He doesn’t tell me about things he’s producing. We went to Sundance and he was like, ‘Oh, we’re showing my movie’ and I was like, ‘Your movie?! What are you talking about?!’”

Oh, Chrissy Teigen, you will never stop making us LOL!


Image: Christopher Polk, Getty Images for NARAS