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Ed Sheeran Confirms He Will Be Playing In Dubai Next Month!

117 Live, the official event organizers for the Divide Tour released a video today afternoon along with an official announcement from Ed Sheeran confirming his Asia tour dates. Alas, it has been confirmed that his performance in Dubai will go ahead as scheduled on Thursday 23rd November at Autism Rocks Arena.

117 Live has released a statement from CEO, Thomas Ovesen:

“We have now received a further update from Ed Sheeran’s team regarding his show at the Autism Rocks Arena on Thursday 23rd November. After a consultation with his doctor, his injuries are healing well and he has confirmed that the show will still be going ahead as planned.
We are glad Ed’s recovery is going speedily and the team here at 117 Live can’t wait to welcome him to Dubai for what will be an epic show.”

I’m on my way!!!


Source: 117 Live