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Could This Tea Be The Answer To All Our Problems?

Could this tea be the answer to no morning-afters? From the growing brand, Your Tea comes Hangover Tea ($25) it boasts of alleviating headaches, clearing toxins, hydrating and cooling the body, calming the digestion and supporting the liver and kidneys.

The tea is a natural blend of oolong tea, kudzu root, chamomile, tangerine peel, dandelion and kudzu flower. Wow, just by reading that most of us will feel hydrated and refreshed!

Each box comes with 40 tea bags. Your Tea also hosts a range of blends that go to work to balance gut health. From food tolerances to weight management to anxiety issues and mood boosters – it has got you covered!

Here is what some of the tea drinkers had to say:

‘Actually, the only thing that works for my inevitable hangovers. Pro tip: drink a cup when you get home at night from drinking ;)’

‘Well, it does what it says.’

‘Whether I drink a little or a lot, I get the worst hangovers! Now I drink two cups of tea the morning after and it helps eliminate my hangover. It doesn’t make it go away, just helps me feel better and to get through my day!’

‘Good for a headache! Calming and delicious!’


A fool tries to prevent a hangover with a kebab. A wise man drinks Hangover Tea.


Source: Your Tea