‘Brad’s Status’ Starring Ben Stiller’s Is All About First World Problems

Ben Stiller’s new film, ‘Brad’s Status’, is not the ‘Meet The Fockers’ kind of comedy. This movie is a bit indie with a dark hue to it. Brad (Ben Stiller), is at crossroads when he takes a deep contemplative look into his life in his late 40s. Brad wonders if he has lived his full potential as he compares himself to his richer, more successful male friends. It’s only later in the movie that Brad’s white privilege is checked by another character. It’s quite refreshing to see a privileged white man get taken off his high horse.

There is more to the movie than Brad’s questioning his accomplishments in life. His love for his son is clear. It’s that turning point n the movie that we mentioned earlier – a stranger who gives Brad the kick in the psyche he needs. Ananya (Shazi Raja) a person of color, sets him straight real quick, accepting things the way they are—”white privilege, male privilege, first-world problems.” As she tells him, “I promise you, you have enough.”

‘Brad’s Status’ is out 14 September.


Image/Source: Vulture