‘Bill Nye: Science Guy’ Documentary is hitting the big screen!

Bill Nye is set to save the world again in his blue lab coat and bow-tie! Or that’s what we hope. The Science Guy taught us that science can be entertaining and educational at the same time. Bill Nye first aired on PBS in 1994 and the crazy and colorful video montages and the catchy rap soundtrack was everything back then.

PBS and Bill Nye are adding to their battle-scarred relationship. Bill Nye: Science Guy, the documentary will have its TV premiere in 2018 on PBS’ long-running docuseries POV (Point of View Documentary Films). In the documentary, Bill, CEO of The Planetary Society is challenged by evolution and climate change disbelievers.

“Many of us grew up with Bill Nye The Science Guy. He loved science, and he inspired a whole generation of kids to share that passion through his PBS show,” said POV director/executive producer Justine Nagan. “Now, as champion for climate science, this film will spark dialogue across ideological lines.”

This is going to be brilliant. Just brilliant!


Source/Image: Deadline