This could top your spa day. Benefits of reading revealed!

As Abe Lincoln once mentioned, “All I have learned, I have learned from books”. So practically you can learn anything from books – it would be nice to learn how to control people’s minds. Let me put a pin in it.

Many studies reveal that you can reduce your stress by almost two-thirds if you read an engrossing book. In a recent research, Mail Online reported people who read fiction books are kinder and generally more empathetic than people who are flipping channels all evening long. Readers are more open, patient and apparently great listeners.



The research was led by Dr. David Kidd and Dr. Emanuele Castano, from Kingston University.

‘Just as in real life, the worlds of literary fiction are replete with complicated individuals whose inner lives are rarely discerned but warrant explanation.’
‘Popular fiction, which is more reader friendly, tends to portray the world and characters as internally consistent and predictable.’

Well, so next time when you have locked yourself in a room and nose deep in a book – tell your friends that you are working on making this world a better place. *mic drop*

Source: Mail Online