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This Beauty Hack Is Gonna Change Your Makeup Game And It’s Rihanna Approved

YouTuber Nickole Hoang is making her rounds on Instagram after her flawless application of Fenty Beauty products went viral. She used the most wanted product of the line – Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife, as well as the Match Stix Shimmer and Contour Skin sticks.

She first transformed the Trophy Wife highlighter into pure liquid gold. How did she manage to do that? It involved a bit of chemistry and a bit of flare! She crushed the highlighter and added a few drops of oil and boom you can see a puddle of glittering gold.  She warmed up the stick highlighter with a lighter, which happens to be a regular hack that many bloggers use for a smoother finish.

Hoang recommends that if you’re not a fan of fire, you can just warm up the products on your palm and get a similar effect. Now take a look at the mesmerizing video:

Also, Rihanna casually commented on Hoang’s video post, offering her approval with a few kiss emojis. Rihanna clearly appreciates the Makeup artists creativity and passion and so do we!


Image: Fenty Beauty