A Harry Potter themed bar is in the brewing! (here is all we know)

Muggles are excited world over to discover that The Cauldron has launched its Kickstarter project for a wizarding pub in London. The Cauldron will be designed to use technology and IoT (The Internet of Things) to create magic – levitating candles, lighting fires, pouring drinks and the works. Much of the magic in this wizarding pub will be controlled by the magical wand.

The pub is inspired by the writings of J.K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, and C. S. Lewis. The food menu will feature dishes that are explicitly mentioned in fantasy texts. The Cauldron will source recipes and ideas from the community. The drinks menu will include science-based cocktails that look and behave like potions that are described in fantasy books.

‘The Cauldron will be a literary pub that draws heavily on descriptions in fantasy fiction books. As such, there will be a strong emphasis on literature and historical inspirations used in well-known fantasy fiction.Books will quite literally be everywhere in the pub. While they visit, visitors can grab a book to read off one of our many bookshelves, or even plug into a listening station and enjoy an audiobook.’

It is estimated to open in 2018 and Gold Kickstarter backers and above will have their moving photos hanging around the pub. To get involved with the funding and co-designing of this magical pub visit The Cauldron.


Source: The Cauldron

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