7 Apps That Every Aspiring Chef Should Download

These apps are sure to up your kitchen game! Those looking to hone their cooking skills need these apps on their phones now. There are numerous apps floating around the developer’s world and for every skill level.

These seven apps are useful, practical and easy to use. So grab an apron and load these apps!

1. Kitchen Dial


Kitchen Dial is an amazing Free iPhone App that allows you to make measurement conversions easily with a neat Dial. This great Kitchen cooking Converter App also allows you to use the gyroscope or accelerometer to make touch-free selections based on the motion of your iPhone. It easily converts Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice-versa. Let it do the math for you!

Download Kitchen Dial for iPhone

2. Handpick

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Handpick is the leading food discovery app featuring trending dishes from reputable cooking sites, food blogs, culinary magazines, and more. You can also get inspiration by browsing millions of recipe ideas from around the world and save or share food topics.

Download Handpick for iPhone

Download Handpick for Android


3. All Recipies Dinner Spinner

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A Pinterest for just recipes! This free app from Allrecipes is perfect for helping home cooks share ideas and meal inspiration. The slot machine-inspired “Dinner Spinner” allows you to find new recipes with just a shake of your phone. “Custom collections” — a place to organize favorite recipes by theme or occasion.

Download All Recipes for iPhone

Download All Recipes for Android


4. Yummly

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Yummly is your smart cooking sidekick. It comes with personalized guidance at every step of the way. From recipe recommendations to handy tools and helpful videos. Those videos are just gold!

Download Yummly for iPhone

Download Yummly for Android


5. SideChef

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SideChef makes cooking easy and fun at any skill level by providing you with step-by-step photos, instructions and voice commands. Novice cooks will love this app and intermediate and advanced cooks can hone their skills and share their own creations. With 3500+ curated step-by-step recipes and a homepage that changes daily and features we couldn’t imagine cooking without this app.

Voice Instruction + Commands for hands-free cooking. Boom!

Download SideChef for iPhone

Download SideChef for Android


6. MealBoard

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If you’re a planner then this app is for you. It stores your recipes, creates weekly meal plans, generates your grocery list and keeps track of what you have in your pantry! It is fully customizable. C’est parfait!

$3.99, Download MealBoard for iPhone


7. BigOven

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BigOven has over 350,000 recipes and you can even add recipes from your favorite site. Snap a picture and the app uploads the deets for you! You can also organize your recipes into folders, filter by category, and view your recently used folders. You can create a shared grocery list for your household and easily mark them off or remove by swiping as you shop. Our favorite feature is the Leftovers category: Type in three ingredients, and the app shows you what you can make.

Download BigOven for iPhone

Download BigOven for Android