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6 Items We Can’t Stop Obsessing Over In IKEA’s 2018 Catalog

It’s that time of the year when IKEA comes out with its brand new yearly catalog. We can’t stop obsessing over some of the pieces. The theme for this year is “Making Room For Life”. Ahhh so visceral and meaningful at the same time.

The catalog will be in store on August 2 (and you can request your copy now) and online on August 7. In the meantime here is a sneak peek of IKEA’s plans for the 2018 catalog:

1. They are reducing waste


The OSTERNAS Leather Handles and Pulls (Handles, $12.99 for 2, Pulls $9.99 for 2)
These chic and affordable handles are made from the leftovers from other furniture production. Sustainable and sophisticated.

2. Sending out some hippie vibes


The FADO Table Lamps (FADO in Amber or Gray Smoked Glass, $19.99) These stylish yet simple lamps are perfect for setting up that cozy corner with a subtle effect of romanticism.

3. They are going all Great Gatsby on us


The TORHET Champagne Coupe($1.99) is what we’be been looking for all our lives. It’s exactly what you need for your new years eve party!

4. They want to make you wall a masterpiece


The MYRHEDEN Frame ($14.99) is one of the most fascinating displays we’ve ever seen. It’s a simple metal grid on which you can clip your pictures, lists and maybe even some fairy lights.

5. They want you to shine at your dinner party


The TILLAGD Flatware in Brass or Black (20 piece set for $59.99) is from product designer, Aaron Probyn with the trendiest finishes – brass! We bet you can’t wait to match them up with your champagne coupes.

6. They want you to stay sustainably classy


Our last piece the ODGER Chair ($75.00) is made of an innovative mix of wood and plastic. More than 50% of the plastic in the formula is recycled making it an even more environmentally sustainable choice.

IKEA states:

It’s about looking beyond the walls of your home and not letting them determine what you want it to be. It prompts you to ask yourself what it is you want more room for in your life — whether it be friends and family, nature, relaxation, or maybe a bit extra room to do nothing at all.


All we can say is that we want all of it and are “making room for money” in our purses right now!



Images/Source: Apartment Therapy