15 Best Party Outfits From Zara 2017 Holiday Collection

If you are like us and pick your holiday outfit at the very last minute then you probably know that Zara is your safest and best bet.

Zara’s new holiday collection is all glitz and glamour and we are living for every piece. To be honest it was really tough to strip the collection to just 15 pieces but it sure helps when you step into the store.

Right on cue…it’s almost Pay Day, let’s look at our top picks together, shall we?

1. The Show Stopper


349.00 AED, Zara

This jacket with contrasting shimmery fringe trimming and long drop-shoulder sleeves is what we will be wearing all day every day this holiday season.


2. Yes Please To Pleated Skirts


199.00 AED, Zara

This high waist pleated skirt with side zip is all we want for Christmas.


3. Wrap It Around Me


549.00 AED, Zara

The perfect New Years Eve dress. It’s got the right fit, the right length and the right amount of pizzazz.


4. Found the Perfect Pair Of Sock Boots


199.00 AED, Zara

Two words – cute comfort.


5. Accessorize Me!


89.00 AED, Zara

Accessories make an outfit.


6. Can’t Be Without A Kimono


699.00 AED, Zara

Kimono with crossover V-neckline, long sleeves, side in-seam pockets, contrasting velvet trim detail. Wait did you say POCKETS!!! Take my Money.


7. Jump In The Suit


549.00 AED, Zara

Feeling those La La Land vibes.


8. Ankle Booties!


349.00 AED, Zara

Love at first sight!


9. A Bit Of Velvet Hurt Nobody


549.00 AED Blazer, Zara

349.00 AED Trouser, Zara

Got me that classy Christmas look.


10. The Fringe Effect


699.00 AED, Zara

It’s all about that twirl! Even with this long fringed scarf.


349.00 AED, Zara


11. Laser Cut


399.00 AED, Zara

That’s a work of art.


12. Feeling It


349.00 AED, Zara

You had us at flowy and floral.


13. Dance The Night Away


549.00 AED, Zara

Ain’t no stopping us now.


14. Satin-y Looks


199.00 AED, Zara

Some color on the side.


15. Shimmer Me Timbers


399.00 AED, Zara

Look no further!



Source: Zara