14 Mouthwatering Photos From National Ice Cream Day That Will Make You Want A Scoop Now!

National Ice Cream Day was celebrated in all its glory on Sunday, July 16. What did that entail we hear you ask? Well, purveyors across America handed out all sorts of cups, cones, and other frozen treats for free.

If yesterdays sugar rush wasn’t enough – we have rounded up a visual treat from some frozen dessert lovers. This is how they celebrated #NationalIceCreamDay

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Oh, who doesn’t like some sprinkles!


That fish shaped cone is giving us beachy vibes.


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Everything tastes better with friends. We see M&M’s and Oreo toppings on that one. Mmmm mmm…


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Now our sweet-tooth is really aching.


Zoella celebrated her new beauty launch with jelly and gelato. Sounds divine!


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Some made sure that their four legged friends got to lick a scoop as well.


What?! Did you say S’mores?!!


And what about these  Games Of Cones.


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The unicorn custard filled cone is #icecreamgoals


5 scoops on a cone – is the way it should be done. Stack ’em up!


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And then there’s the classic waffles and ice cream.


Does sorbet count? Loving that color though and those shoes were made to celebrate this day!


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Cotton Candy and Cherry Cheesecake Flavor….

Ok. That’s it.

We’re OUT!