12 Beach Reads for the Summer

It is time to roll out that beach blanket, slather on some sunblock and hit that summer reading list hard. I like something that is captivating, it could be a light read or a thriller but, it should grab my attention. Here are 12 new books that I believe is the right company to rooftops, beaches, parks, pools or any other place you’d like to laze around this summer.

1. Startup: A Novel by Doree Shafrir


Doree Shafrir is a veteran online journalist and has beautifully crafted her debut novel that is empowering and funny. Based on millennial techies, it carries a strong message for women and it might take you less than 24 hours to finish this one.

$16.92, Amazon


2. Relativity by Antonia Hayes


This is a story about Ethan, a fiercely talented young boy, and his journey to connect with his unknown father. The book is intimate and beautifully captures human sentiments.

$9.89, Amazon

3. Into the Water: A Novel by Paula Hawkins


We’ve all been waiting for the next psychological thriller by Paula Hawkins, it’s here and it doesn’t disappoint!  We are not going to say more but – still waters run deep!

$16.80, Amazon

4. The Girls in the Garden: A Novel by Lisa Jewell


This suspense thriller will have you on the edge of your sun lounger. ‘Dark secrets, a devastating mystery, and the games both children and adults play all swirl together in this gripping novel, packed with utterly believable characters and page-turning suspense.’

$10.04, Amazon

5. And We’re Off by Dana Schwartz


Ooo this is the perfect summer read. Join Nora Homes as she sets off for an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe to immerse herself in the culture and study art. But guess who wants to join her on this soul-searching trip?!

$11.37, Amazon


6. My Not So Perfect Life: A Novel by Sophie Kinsella


Another cracker of a read by our comedy queen – Sophie Kinsella. She weaves relatable characters and hilarious plots that keep us wanting more.

$14.64, Amazon

7. Lost & Found: A Novel by Brooke Davis


A charming debut about young and old and their adventures and highs and lows on finding someone they lost. A humorous and light read for those sunny days.

$10.38, Amazon

8. Paris for One and Other Stories by Jojo Moyes

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We will be searching for Lou Clark in all of Jojo Moyes books and you will find many versions of Lou in Jojo’s latest collection filled with love and travels.

$14.76, Amazon

9. The Hike: A Novel by Drew Magary


This one’s for all you fantasy fanatics – get ready for a saga that weaves video games, folk tales into a spellbound adventure. it’s twisted, weird and hilarious all at the same time and you just won’t be able to give up!

$11.00, Amazon

10. Vinegar Girl: A Novel by Anne Tyler


Anne Tyle is a Pulitzer Prize Winner and in her new novel she takes on a creative and funny spin on a Shakespeare comedy. A charming and ingenious book that belongs in everyone’s beach bag.

$10.40, Amazon

11. All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg


The two sides to every woman. Here is Andrea Bern, a 39-year-old single woman and childless but is this what defines her? Through the book, you will be able to draw many parallels between Andrea and yourself. An engaging novel that makes for a perfect summer read.

$14.70, Amazon

12. Anything Is Possible by Elizabeth Strout


Surprise surprise, we have another book from a Pulitzer Prize winner. Elizabeth Strout, yet again, spins out these intricate characters that bring out pure joy and unadulterated family emotions. You don’t want to miss this one.

$16.20, Amazon

Let us know what you think is the perfect summer read and we would like to take them for a test drive. Leave us a comment below.

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